Friday, February 22, 2008

Cats and Faster Moving Matter

Although I will make every effort possible not to blog on other blogs it will happen from time to time simply because I read so darn many.  So I have to relent and continue comment on an ongoing discussion over at the Evidence in Motion Blog.  There is a vigorous discussion and dialogue on a post titled Myofascial Release - Time to Stop the Madness.  It has turned into essentially the well reasoned and rational versus the unreasoned and irrational. 

The foundations of science are built upon reasoned inquiry, observation, measurement, and conclusions.  When others forego reason substituting desire and imagination, the end results utterly lack credibility.  And no matter how many obscure scientific principles are misapplied their declarations and positions are nothing more than science fiction.  Unfortunately the unreasoned and those who do not have a well developed sense of skepticism will continue to fall prey to their nonsense. 

The best defense that we have has been and will continue to be science.  By dispelling their myths and mysticism and replacing it with hard irrefutable scientific evidence we will marginalize them.  There have been and always will be those who lack proper reason and they will continue to live on the margins.  The best we can do is to make sure they stay there.

Now one might ask about what all this has to do with the title of this post.  So I'll end with a little anecdote that this whole line of discussion brought to mind.

A number of years ago I had a friend who was and would probably always be a refugee from the 70's.  They had lived in a California commune when such things were more commonplace.  One evening sitting outside we were having a discussion that turned to her cat's behavior.  Anyone who has ever had a cat has seen their cat jump up for no apparent reason and run around the house like they were possessed.  When I asked Why do they do that?" , my friend's immediate response was "...that they could see faster moving matter."  I chuckled for a moment and then asked "Then why do they get hit by cars?"

I always attributed her thinking to one too many bad acid trips back in the day.

Forever skeptical and proud of it!