Monday, April 07, 2008

Another PT Takes Up the Blogging Challenge

Tim Richardson, PT, one of the subjects of the story which was previously mentioned in this blog has launched his own efforts on a couple of different websites.  First, to help spread the Physical Therapy gospel he has launched a blog at and also has demonstrated one of the many ways Physical Therapists can use the power of the Internet to communicate with colleagues as well as healthcare consumers.  You can view his efforts on this front at

On a side note I'd like to extend my appreciation for Tim's plugging of a new website which is now being launched at is a community based website devoted to promoting the use of technology including the many possibilities provided by the Internet to enhance the practice and business of Physical Therapy.  As this site is still under considerable construction, I invite anyone who is interested to register and contribute.  There are mechanisms for submitting news stories related to the subject matter of the website as well as contributing relevant web links to other sites.  I look forward to this website developing as it builds its own member community.  If you have suggestions on how to make the site even better please feel free to use the "Feedback" mechanism on the website.