Thursday, January 22, 2009

Physiopedia – A Challenge

I have had many conversations recently with those noting a dearth of openly available information directly related to Physical Therapy particularly when looking for information in the Physical Therapist’s voice.  Like many issues in our profession, many complain but nobody does anything.  To my relief Physiopedia is finally looking to do something about it and looks to resolve that issue.

While there is no shortage of information regarding conditions commonly treated such as ACL injury or Lower Back Pain there is a serious lack of information written in the Physical Therapists voice or that adequately demonstrates the wealth of information that comprises the unique knowledge base of Physical Therapy.  What information that is available is shielded by a legacy and in my opinion outmoded and outdated system of "by subscription only” scholarly journals.

I would urge our colleagues, particularly those who possess a unique and credible expertise in particular Physical Therapy subject matter to start or at least contribute to entries in the Physiopedia Wiki such as this entry on The Glenohumeral Joint started by Tyler Shultz, PT.

By building this open and freely available compendium of information we will demonstrate the uniqueness, credibility and value to the world, and perhaps raising the visibility of our profession just a notch higher.

My thanks to all involved with the Physiopedia project.  It is a project deserving of our time and contributions.