Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Physical Therapist Identity Crisis

Tim Flynn, PT of the Evidence in Motion gang has written a terrific editorial in the most recent issue of Manual Therapy regarding the plethora of designations currently being used by Physical Therapists.

I agree with his premise that the use of these ego massaging alphabetic designations can lead to confusion for the health care consumers.  How is a consumer going to determine which of these designations have meaning for them and the credibility of the credential.  Which designations are hard earned and which are only cereal box top credentialing programs with no credibility?  There is also the issue of various professional licensing boards and the use of non-approved professional designations.

With all of the recent discussion regarding the marketing and branding of Physical Therapists and how do we do so in a way that encompasses all of the various specialities, subspecialties and practice settings, perhaps Tim has come up with an answer or at least a starting point by the following statement:

"We are not defined by our techniques or our numerous certifications, rather we are defined by our unique body of knowledge and our perspective on managing the musculoskeletal

Do we really need more?

P.S. This month's Manual Therapy is available in Full Text and congratulations to Tim on his appointment to the Manual Therapy editorial board.