Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Ignorance of Fundamentalist Belief - A World Going Mad

File this post under the "Etcetera" nature of this blog. 

This weekend while watching the ABC World News Tonight my sense of reason was rudely assaulted by this piece on yet another Creationist Museum or as they term it "Biblically Correct".  The children who are being so wrongly misled in this news item remind me of the children who find themselves in the radical Islamic Madrassahs.  They are being indoctrinated with fundamentalist archaic beliefs that no longer have relevance in a reasoned scientifically enlightened world.  I find it ironic that these same fundamentalist Christians are probably the same people who rail so incessantly against the Muslim radical fundamentalists.  It seems to me they are the opposite side of the same wrongful coin content to live in ignorance and conflict with all that is reasonable.  Conflicts of culture and nationalism will only be resolved when relativistic and dogmatic belief is replaced by reason.