Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Should've Been Once and Future President? Gore 2008?

Within the continuing and contentious debate between the Clinton and Obama campaigns on their respective candidate's path to the White House in 2008 there lies a path to the White House for Al Gore who won the popular vote but lost the White House due to the idiosyncrasies of the Electoral College and the meddling of the Supreme Court.

Should the two leading Democratic contenders continue in their current tactics and ultimately damage either of their chances in defeating the presumptive Republican nominee Senator John McCain it is possible that Al Gore could be the inevitable nominee of the Democratic Party. 

This is possible only if the uncommitted Super Delegates to the Democratic Convention recognize they have either the unenviable position of playing the role of the 2000 Supreme Court and deciding between Clinton or Obama and thereby risk disenfranchising the sizable contingent of strong supporters for one or the other or they simply sit out the balloting until all delegates are no longer committed.  At that point it is conceivable that Al Gore could be cast in the role of the White (Green?) Knight to save the party.  Should either Clinton or Obama fail to win and then in an open convention ballot be nominated and be the resultant Democratic nominee.  This could also potentially alleviate the Michigan and Florida problem if the convention rules committee were to allow for the seating of these delegations should the possibility of an open ballot arise.

Of course this scenario would become moot if the two members of what would constitute the Democratic Dream Ticket would simply resolve among themselves which of the two were to head the ticket and which would settle for being the Vice Presidential nominee.